Interior Design and Decoration Services Bangladesh

Interior Design and Decoration Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Interior Designs and Decorations

Interior decorations represent your taste and aristocracy. And we provide you with the latest technology in creating glamorous and gorgeous interior designs and decorations for your home and commercial spaces. In fact, we are the leading interior design and decoration company in Bangladesh with 15+ years of experience and excellence. We have been providing different types of interior services with the most reasonable remuneration. And for that, we have been awarded a number of awards for contributing a legendary contribution in the field of interior design and decoration in Bangladesh.

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Marble and Granite Design and Decoration Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Marble and Granite Designs

Marbles and granites are new forms of representing aristocracy and taste. In Bangladesh, you will rarely find any experts in the field of marble and granite designs. But don't worry, We are there for you. We have expertise in Designed Marble floors, Marble columns, Marble Stairs, and Marble walls. Elaboratively, we are the best planners and designers of Carrara, Statuary, Calacatta, Emperador, Crema Marfil, and mixed marble tiles. And with our valuable experience, we will provide you with the best marble and granite design experience in Bangladesh. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to experience the most decorative marbles and enjoy the charming designs of imported marbles with us.

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Glass Design Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Glass Designs

The aristocrats always want to decorate their living space and commercial space with beautifully designed and decorated glasses. But the wrong selection of the glass types and designs by the designers may fail the charm of aristocracy and delicacy of your lovely space. In Bangladesh, we provide you with different types of glass like Float Glass. Toughened Glass, Laminated Glass, Tinted Glass, Obscured Glass, Mirrored Glass, Wired Glass, Coated Glass, etc at a reasonable price. With these, you can decorate your home and office Partition, Shower Door, Stairs, Dinning Table, Ceiling, Swing Door, and so on.

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Wood Design and Curving Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Wooden Designs

The presence of curved and designed wood along with wooden furniture is treated as an aristocratic taste of human beings. And We are always there for you for furnishing, designing, and curving your wooden materials. For your kind information, we are designing the woods across Dhaka city along with the whole country for about a decade. Additionally, we have gained several awards regarding the best wood design in Bangladesh. We have expertise in Softwood, Hardwood, and Engineered Wood designs. And we provide you these services with less cost and better quality. You can check out our portfolio projects and recent jobs to rate our work quality.

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Mirror Design and Decoration Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Aesthetic Mirror Designs

When the question of aristocracy and luxury arises, you should give your traditional mirrors a break. Because mirrors are not only a thing of reflecting your face nowadays. Rather, mirrors are the symbols of taste, aristocracy, luxury, and modernism. At the same time, beautifully designed mirrors are an important part of your desired interior. In Bangladesh, we provide you with aristocratic designs of mirrors for your mirror needs. We also design cabinet mirrors, washroom mirrors, and so on. Let your mirrors reflect your sense of beauty. So, If you really fell the need for a beautifully decorated mirror, we are always on your side.

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Gypsum Design Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Gypsum Designs

Gypsum designs give your ceiling a royal look with a false ceiling. But for that, you should select the right form of gypsum and an expert gypsum designer. Among Bangladeshi gypsum designers, we have expertise in Regular/Standard Gypsum boards, Fire Resistance Gypsum boards, Moisture-resistant gypsum boards, Fire and Moisture-Resistant Gypsum Boards, Abuse-Resistant Gypsum Panels, Exterior Gypsum Soffit Boards, Foil-Backed Gypsum Boards, Impact-Resistant Gypsum Panels, etc. We decorate your ceiling with artistic designs of gypsum ceiling, gypsum corners, gypsum columns, and gypsum light circles,s, etc. as per your demand. It gives your ceiling a delicate touch of aristocracy.

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Terracotta Design and Decoration Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Terracotta Designs

Terracotta represents aristocracy and love for art. From the very beginning of civilization, terracotta has been a great way to decorate the interior and exterior parts of your establishment. Actually, these terracotta designs represent royal posture and aristocratic taste. And in the field of terracotta designs, we are the leading designers in Bangladesh, We have expertise in terracotta designs with polished tiles and porous tiles. So, bring out the classic royalness in your living space with our ability to custom design your own idea and design through terracotta. And of course at a reasonable price.

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Mural Design Service in Dhaka Bangladesh

Mural Designs

A man of artistic taste you always have wanted enchanting mural designs around your living area and office space. But mural design requires a lot of experience as well as years of research. And we proudly declare that we have all those qualities to decorate the walls of your home, boundary, gate, etc. with history as well as your custom design. We proudly offer you the best outfit for your walls with a panoramic view of mural design. In addition, we are the number one fresco, mosaic, encaustic, stained glass, or photography mural designer all over Bangladesh. So, let's make your artistic dream come true together with beautiful mural designs.

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Modern Plans

Say goodbye to traditional and conventional plans for your interior designs. With our years of experience, we would accomplish the aesthetic designs of your interior, glass, marble, granite, mirror, terracotta, 3d floor, and murals.

Save Time

Time matters. That’s why our policy is not to kill your valuable time, rather we always try to complete our projects before the estimated time allowed. Experience the fastest interior design and decoration service without losing quality with Charutuli Home Solution.


Creativity makes a man designer. We have immense study and experience in the field of creativity and fine arts. At the same time, a major part of our workforce has studied fine arts at the University of Dhaka. For that, we assure you of world-class creativity.

Reduce Cost

Cost is a great factor in starting and running a project. We always keep that in mind and try to reduce the expenditure of our clients. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the best quality goods and services with less cost possible.