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About Charutuli Home Solution


With the passage and evolution of time, people, just after the fulfillment of their basic needs, always try to make them attractive and appealing as well. Seemingly they try to dress up themselves, to make their furniture and household accessories in an aesthetic way. The sense of aestheticism is no longer confined to Canvas or Frame only, rather it has an access to commodities. To shape your expectation and taste we promise to make you, your office, home, and residence fascinating with the magic touch from the aesthetic view of Aine Arts. For this, we, a team of researchers and students of the Fine Arts faculty of the University of Dhaka are working collaboratively.


After serving numerous individuals and institutions, we have gained a number of awards and recognition. And that is the reason we are the leading interior design and decoration company in Bangladesh. And it’s time you choose us and use our colorful experience to decorate your dream.